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Andreas Körber => Sound Summit – Cymatic-Symphony of macro- & micro- Cosmological Coherency Interferencies of Complementary Sub- & Over-Tones in Relation to our 7 Membraines of 7 colors of 7 Notes of 7 Senses of the 7×7×7×7×7×7×7×7×7×7×7×7 Lightyears = 52×7 = 13×7×4 Hz

NEW VIEWS OF THE INTERSTELLAR MEDIUM — Michael Clarage“ Remembering: The Pulsar Codes (WKS-Choired) of the ARCTURUS PROBE between the electric-mem-Brainwaves called Delta-,Theta-,Alpha-,Beta-A- & Beta-B- and GAMMA-Wavelenght of the GAMMA-RAYS messured in D-grees, A-grees and D#-A-grees…in multiple Complementary Versums/Verses/Verbs in opposit to the wondering only won knowledge about an unique Uni-Verses, whitch means just the 180° inverting Coordinations in two 91 Degree of the 100 gon of an 90° Rectangle included the 89° between 0° and 90°. So Zeropoint = 0• + 90• = 91 = Entanglement Notation to the 91 UniVerses in 1 of the 4 Seasons in Earthyear-Tone of about 32 Billion Seconds = 32 nanoHertz… Many blessings Andreas Körber

Schau dir „The New Human Hybrids, Non Human Intelliegnce Is Changing Our DNA“ auf YouTube an

But these Enteties are not „changing“ but transmutating our so called DNA/RNA of our Cell-Organanelles (a kind of Cell-PhOne & Cell-PhoTones = SelfOnes & Selfie-tOnes through Light-&Sound-Interference-Frequencies of the Dia-Bolus-Tri-Tonus of Atomic-Harmony.

And we have to respond to be open hearted enough to embrace our own channels of remembering, who & what we are if we are won. That,s called UBUNTU:


Please take your time to enjoy this Video about the Hypercommunications between everything just by decoding the Frequencies through the Power of Words.

Many blessings Andreas Körber

The singin‘ scientist

Demo-Download of the Selfhealing-System-Program WKS-3 = WortKraftSchwingung mark III

https://wks.global-friends.ch in German and English


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